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Established in 1986, Eastern Tax Group is an executive tax recruitment firm located in Norwalk, Connecticut.  We have developed a first class reputation for professionalism and trust.  Our tax recruiters are intimately familiar with current job openings, salary structures, hiring practices and tax industry trends.  Whether you are an organization looking to find just the right individual to join your team or you are a tax professional seeking a new opportunity, you can depend on one of our tax consultants to guide you through the entire recruitment process.

Wide Ranging Contacts
Over the years, we have developed and maintained extensive contacts with Fortune 500 corporations, major accounting firms and prestigious law firms throughout the United States.  These contacts allow us to seek out qualified candidates at any level of experience and compensation.  We find candidates discreetly and efficiently from any discipline, domestic or international, compliance or planning.  Our level of success and our reputation for industry knowledge is unsurpassed.

Knowledge and Trust Are Key
Eastern Tax Group can provide a wide variety of services to the client and the candidate.  We believe that focusing our firm’s resources solely on tax recruiting, allows us the best opportunity to provide clients with the highest quality of service.  We believe that both clients and candidates benefit greatly from our deep understanding of the dynamics of the “tax market” and how these dynamics impact the recruiting process.  We understand the company culture, the degree of job commitment required, the compensation alternatives and the future prospects.  Our recruitment style seeks to create the best match of candidate goals, skills, personality and experience to the requirements, culture and expectations of our client.  Our niche focus also allows us to maintain and nurture sourcing contacts and track candidates on an on-going basis.  The depth of our knowledge and experience fosters a level of trust and confidence with our clients, potential candidates, and sourcing contacts.  Our reputation and our trusted relationships are our most important assets.

Our Recruiters
Our firm is comprised of six full-time consultants with over one hundred years of combined experience in tax recruiting.  You will find your consultant has an excellent knowledge of career opportunities in the tax field.  Our contacts throughout the industry and the networking of our consultants with thousands of candidates and clients, produces high quality opportunities and an excellent placement success rate.  Our recruiters are available to answer questions, offer advice and guidance, develop alternatives and provide support to each candidate and client in a totally confidential environment.

Eastern Tax Group is committed to excellence.  We maintain professional standards and have developed a strong reputation for confidentiality, trust and knowledge in the tax industry.  We specialize in tax recruiting because we provide a dedicated and knowledgeable service to our clients and confidential and helpful information to our candidates.  If you are looking for a career opportunity in the tax field, we can help you find the perfect match.  If you are seeking to fill a position with a highly qualified tax professional, we can help to make your search efficient, cost effective and successful.  This is our commitment to you.

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